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Epoxy Garage Floor Install | 603 Epoxy

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings: Residential Garages: 

Floor coating materials (up to a maximum of 2000 square feet) are warranted to the original consumer purchaser as follows: 1) against peeling/delamination from the concrete for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the home in which the floor coating materials were installed; 2) against staining from incidental spills of oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, gasoline, and diesel that are promptly wiped up (within 20 minutes of a spill) for a period of ten (10) years from the date of substantial completion of 603 Epoxy's work.

Exclusions: This Limited Warranty does not apply to, and 603 Epoxy will not be responsible for, normal wear and tear, or any damage to floor coatings or other property caused by improper repairs made or attempted by anyone other than 603 Epoxy, faulty maintenance, misuse, abuse, neglect, extreme temperatures, staining or peeling caused by cracking of the substrate, defective substrate, hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor transmission levels greater than eight (8) lbs., battery acid, brake fluid or other industrial fluid, or as a result of any accident, casualty, or natural disasters.

This limited warranty is non-transferable and applicable only to the owner of the property at the time of contracting. Warranty repairs do not constitute an extension of the original warranty period for the original installation or any specific component or part thereof. 

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